Male student tried to pay underage girls for sex, now competing on Show Me The Money

Despite the controversy that caused him to leave High School Rapper, Jang Yong Joon will appear as a contestant on Show Me The Money 6.

Jang Yong Joon has recently announced through Instagram that he will be appearing on Show Me The Money 6 as a contestant. He is currently signed under Prima Music Group and will promote under the stage name Noel. Prima Music Group is also home to Primeboi, Jay Moon, Quaimo, and XQ.

On his Instagram, Jang Yong Joon can be seen rapping with the other members of his label. The post is captioned, “I am Prima Music Group’s new member Noel. Everyone going on Show Me The Money 6, go pack your bags”.

Jang Yong Joon’s past was revealed while he was participating in High School Rapper, causing both him and his father to resign from the show and political position respectively. Despite having voluntarily withdrawn from the contest show, Jang Yong Joon has not let the incident otherwise affect his long-term plans as his goal is to release his music without delay.

Source: Joins