An Elementary School 5th Grader Gets Sued For Sexually Harassing Comments

“It’s okay if I get you pregnant, right?”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

A post on online communities is currently gaining attention, for the malicious comments left to former YG Entertainment dancer, Lee Joo Ah. The post was left by a 5th grader, making it even all the more shocking, as he would only be 11 years old internationally.

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Lee Joo Ah was a former dancer under YG Entertainment, until she switched career paths to being a cheerleader for the Doosan Bears baseball team. She uploaded a screenshot to her personal Instagram, of a terrible post left about her on Twitter.

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The post sexually harassed the cheerleader severely. The post reads as the following.

Lee Joo Ah, you’re an idiot sl*t. You’ve gotten all thicc now but you were super skinny then. (photo) Joo Ah, I want to r*pe you while releasing all over your thighs. It’s okay if I get you pregnant, right? Weren’t you born just for that? The athletes must have it good – before the game starts, they have cheerleaders for sex. The athletes must like your p*ssy because it’s tight right? You suit that well.

— @dooco123 on Twitter

Lee Joo Ah’s stated that she would be suing the malicious commenter. She initially did not know of his age as she commented on the screenshot saying that she was not about to back down.

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It seems that the two exchanged DMs about the matter, seeing as she publicly uploaded another response soon after. The hater did not make a satisfactory apology, and turned the focus to him instead, pleading for leniency due to his young age. Joo Ah showed no mercy as she rebuked him for not properly apologizing and only thinking of himself.

| @judy.puppy/Instagram via theqoo

Netizens were similarly shocked by the words that was used by the 5th grader, and hoped for him to be properly dealt with.

Although it is likely that he will be protected by minor laws, Joo Ah has claimed that she will be proceeding in a way that she deems fit. There has been no further updates so far, but stay tuned.

The translated response by Joo Ah to the initial screenshot can be read below.

Yeah, I’m going to sue you. Normally I just let malicious comments slide while laughing but since I read this when I was in a bad mood, I’m starting to feel all sorts of emotions. I was born for this? kkkkk My mom didn’t give birth to me prettily for that, you son of a b*tch. Can you even go about in your daily life, you malicious commenting f*cker? I was not going to upload this but I want to make it known publicly that I’ll be sueing.

— Lee Joo Ah

The second response by Joo Ah is as follows.

You said you did wrong, and that you’re just a 5th grader, that you were scared because you were threatened by someone else into uploading it, that you didn’t think I would read it. Is it over just because you throw out an apology? And in the midst of that, you were saying that if something happens to you, what should you do? If you ask me that, am I supposed to be worried for you? I already saw the original post and I was so sad and all sorts of thoughts starting coming to me… I don’t think that’s how one should be apologizing. You didn’t reply anything that I asked, and all you’re doing is asking for forgiveness since you’ve said you did wrong. I gave you a chance. Now I will solve it in a way that I think is right.

— Lee Joo Ah



Source: theqoo