MAMAMOO Dishes On Which Habit Of Solar’s They Absolutely Hate

“Can’t you see it’s annoying?”

MAMAMOO members recently dished on what they believe is one of Solar‘s worst habits!

On the latest episode of Boss In The Mirror, MAMAMOO enjoyed a delicious cheat day from their diet and ate up tons of mouth-watering Korean beef!

As they enjoyed their meal, Solar decided it was time to pump everyone up with encouragement!

We’ll eat this and…will we rip the stage apart?


The reactions, however, were the complete opposite of what she expected! She even got scolded by Moonbyul and Wheein!

“Why? Sudden shoptalk. No need to rip the stage.

Wheein: No shoptalk while eating.

Moonbyul: Can’t you see it’s annoying?


The other members of MAMAMOO then elaborated on how they feel when Solar starts her “pep talks” in the midst of meals together! First up was Moonbyul, and she laid it all out!

It’s annoying. We were having a good time. Why did she throw in the pep talk? It’s so annoying.


Hwasa then demonstrated exactly how she feels at those moments!

While eating, we go like this… Hold back the pep talk!


Moonbyul then brought attention to the complete change in mood because of Solar!

You made us grow quiet! Seriously.


Since MAMAMOO is so close, they can freely speak their minds with each other at anytime!

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Watch the whole thing here!