MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Goes Viral…For Putting Down Her Bottle On The Floor

The spotlight loves her and her shenanigans.

MAMAMOO‘s maknae Hwasa is the queen of virality in K-Pop. In the past few years, the singer has managed to send the internet into a frenzy with her unique looks and actions, time and again.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

From appearing at the airport with her no-bra outfit,

to her fantastic stage presence,

to using a folding Samsung phone as a substitute for a mask,

to trying to fit a microphone into her top on camera,

the internet seems to love every bit of her personality. Recently, she also got a lot of attention for her unique styling of a pair of sweatpants at the airport.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Turns Heads With New “Underwear” Fashion Trend

But the latest reason why Hwasa has taken over the internet is probably the most fascinating. On February 18, Hwasa performed at the MIK Festival in Paris, giving breathtaking performances of her solo hits like “Twit,” “Maria,” and “I’m A B,” along with some MAMAMOO tracks as well.

| Twitter 

While performing her song “Don’t Give It To Me,” Hwasa was walking around on the stage when she suddenly did a sexy and slow drop to the ground, sending the audience into a frenzy. A fansite uploaded the video on Twitter, and it went viral instantly. She was so smooth with her moves that most people didn’t even realize that she did all that just to put down the water bottle she was holding in her hand!

At the time of writing this article, the video has gotten over one million views on Twitter, and the count doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!