MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Uses The Most Unexpected Alternative For A Face Mask While Meeting Fans

“Give her a sponsorship!”

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is always iconic, the main event wherever she goes. Most recently, she stunned fans with her gorgeous pink outfit, notably matching Anne Hathaway, at the Valentino fashion show in Rome.

Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram
| @_mariahwasa/Instagram
Anne Hathaway and Hwasa | @mmeongcheongi/Twitter

But along with her talent, Hwasa is also well-known for being incredibly kind to her fans. When she arrived in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, she excitedly greeted fans who had waited for her.

And accepted their lovely gifts.

Her attitude was the same at the Valentino show, where she tried her best to greet the fans that had come to support her.

Even though her staff wouldn’t let her get too close.

Now Hwasa is in London for HallyuPopFest, where she is one of the performers.

And once again, Hwasa enthusiastically greeted the fans waiting to see her. But while Hwasa’s enthusiasm isn’t a surprise, fans were caught off guard by her impromptu mask.

| @Iuvdoge/Twitter 

Likely the idol hadn’t worn a mask since she wasn’t expecting to run into fans. But rather than not greeting them, Hwasa decided to use her phone as a temporary face mask.

| @Iuvdoge/Twitter 

Fans joked that Samsung should give her a sponsorship since they’re now inspired to buy the phone.

And fans can’t get over how she turns everything into an iconic moment.

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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is The Main Event With Actress Anne Hathaway At The Valentino Fashion Show