MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Once Again Draws Attention For A Provocative Moment During Tour

And U.S. fans are loving it!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has never been one to shy away from being bold, confident, and risqué, and it’s what many of her fans love about her.


Not everyone is a fan of certain actions she’s done on stage, however, and there have been a number of times she has been the center of controversy for “provocative” behavior. Most recently, she drew very mixed reactions to an “R-rated” movement she performed during the Sungkyunkwan University Humanities & Social Sciences Campus Festival.

While many netizens didn’t have an issue with it due to it being an adults-only event since it was on a college campus, others thought it was a bit too much regardless of the audience.

But it doesn’t seem like the criticism has really changed her confident “DGAF” attitude, based on a playfully provocative moment during MAMAMOO’s recent concert in Nashville for their MYCON world tour!

The clip going viral on social media shows Hwasa casually lifting up her crop top to show her bra, drawing excited reactions from the crowd.

The moment was even captured in different angles!

Admittedly this isn’t quite as suggestive as the prior viral moment, but it still isn’t something that just any K-Pop idol would do. And based on reactions on Twitter, fans are absolutely loving her bold and sexy attitude!

It looks like both MAMAMOO and their fans had a great time during this concert, and we hope the rest of their tour is just as fun, exciting, and memorable!


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