MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reported To Police By Parent-Student Association For Indecency

Hwasa is alleged to have made a sexual gesture during a recent performance.

A student-parent association reported MAMAMOO’s Hwasa for an alleged indecent performance.

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On July 10, Chosun Ilbo reported that the Seongdeong Police was opening an investigation into reports alleging the singer for indecency.

According to the report, the parent group took issue with the singer’s performance on the May 12 episode of tvN’s Dancing Queens On The Road. In the episode, Hwasa performed for a college crowd, during which she made a suggestive gesture, causing controversy.

The student parent group reportedly wrote that the gesture was highly offensive and that it shouldn’t be seen as performance art.

Hwasa’s gesture suggested a perverted sexual act and was enough to bring embarrassment and shame to the public who witnessed it. As the gesture doesn’t fit the context of the choreography, it can not be interpreted as performance art.

— Student parent group

A police representative revealed they are investigating the case and may call in Hwasa if they felt it was warranted.

After looking over the incident, we are planning to call in the defendant for an investigation if needed.

— Seongdeong Police representative

Hwasa’s agency responded to inquiries, revealing that they were “Internally investigating the truth of the incident.

Source: chosun ilbo