MAMAMOO’s Label RBW Entertainment Called Out As Fans Discover Hwasa’s Fan Gifts Are Often Not Delivered

Fans are concerned that this might not be a one-time affair.

RBW Entertainment, the label of the powerhouse girl group MAMAMOO, is yet again in hot waters with the group’s fans for its extreme mismanagement.

| @mamamoo_official/Instagram

Recently, some fans of the group’s youngest member Hwasa called out the company for misguiding them regarding a fan project. Since Hwasa is currently filming her show Hwasa Show for tvN, her Korean fans wanted to show support by sending the crew on set lunchboxes and snacks. The fanbase got in touch with the agency, and RBW gave the project a green flag, informing them about Hwasa’s shooting schedule and location.

Poster of “Hwasa Show” | @mamamoo_official/Instagram

But when the fans reached the mentioned place, they realized the filming was not happening there. When they reached out to the production team of Hwasa Show, they learned that RBW had not notified them about the project and that the filming had been rescheduled.

Gifts prepared for Hwasa by fans | Twitter
Lunchboxes prepared for Hwasa and her crew by fans | Twitter

The label then gave the fans a different address, stating that the studio Hwasa was shooting at had been changed due to a scheduling conflict. But when fans arrived at the second location, they realized Hwasa was not filming there either. As a result, the 100 lunchboxes prepared by fans were all wasted.

After this issue enraged fans, RBW Entertainment officially apologized and promised to reorganize the support gifts and send them to Hwasa and her crew.

We are sincerely sorry that the support gifts you had spent a long time preparing for Hwasa Show were not delivered as planned due to our mistake. Therefore, we would like to ask if you are okay with the plan that we prepare and deliver the same support gifts to Hwasa as well as ‘Hwasa Show’ production staff again through the company you contacted before. Since you had prepared the gifts with affection and with your precious time, we will make sure to prepare and deliver the gifts with as much sincerity.

—RBW Entertainment

This statement appeased fans for only a short time before they found out the label had potentially lied about re-delivering the gifts to Hwasa. Fans who cae across Hwasa recently asked her if she received the support gifts, to which Hwasa was genuinely confused. They then elaborated if she had received cakes and similar gifts for Hwasa Show, to which the singer replied with a flustered “No.”

Hyejin unnie who doesn’t know anything at all…I had my doubts but they didn’t even confirm if the support gift were sent it. Thank you for treating us like real idiots. I thought we could check later if it was delivered or not. And this is the result of checking.

—순둡 (@siiii_417)

Video transcription:

Fans:Unnie, did you receive support gifts this week?

Hwasa: Support?

Fans: You know, cakes and stuff like that, Support gifts for ‘Hwasa Show.’

Hwasa: No!

Fans: Oh…[they] couldn’t deliver it completely.

After the video was posted, MooMoos immediately called out the company again, this time for deceiving fans. Some more fans came forward with their stories of how the gifts they sent to Hwasa were never delivered to the artist. A Chinese fan also claimed that every time they sent smaller gifts, Hwasa received them, but whenever they sent her luxury items, they were not delivered to the singer.

Now the issue has surpassed the concerns of mismanagement alone. MooMoos are now suspicious of whether the label is intentionally holding back gifts sent to the artists.

Korean netizens also criticized the way the company has managed the situation so far.

  • “Why did the agency then say they have received the support?”
  • “Eh? Did the agency gulp down the gifts instead of giving it to Hwasa?”
  • “What’s the use of making so much money through MAMAMOO and buying labels bigger than themselves just to erect some buildings…”
  • “Oh, I think I saw it on another website. I think they said it was for 100 people.”
  • “They’re crazy.”
  • “Did the lie about delivering the gifts and got rid of the letters and the 100 servings of food? They’re going to hell.”
  • “Did they eat it among themselves?”
  • “Those crazy b*stards probably ate it themselves.”

RBW Entertainment is yet to make a statement on this issue.