MAMAMOO Prove Their Versatility As Artists As They Perform Each Other’s Solo Songs At Seoul Concert

The four successful soloists jumped out!

MAMAMOO kicked off their world tour My Con today, on November 18 KST, in Seoul. MooMoos were filled with anticipation for their potential setlist and it seems like the quartet went above and beyond to give an amazing show to their fans, with some unexpected surprises tucked in.

MAMAMOO at Seoul Day 1 concert of My Con tour | @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

As videos from the concert started to drift into the internet, fans lost their minds when they realized the MAMAMOO members were performing each other’s solo tracks, with full choreography and costumes!

Solar gave a spectacular performance to Wheein‘s “Watercolor.” Her stage presence was so on point that it took MooMoos a few seconds to realize it was not Wheein on stage!

Moonbyul gave her fans the performance of a lifetime with her version of Hwasa‘s “Twit.” The rapper has been exploring her singing range over the past few years and her astonishing progress is clear in the way she flawlessly matched up Hwasa’s vocals.

Wheein graced the stage in an all-yellow outfit, ready to slay her performance of Solar’s recent solo track “Honey.” It was a fitting song for the singer, as her voice and her moves both glided into the hearts of fans in a sweep!

Hwasa came in strong with her take on Moonbyul’s solo track “Eclipse.” If there is someone who can keep up with the fierce rapper’s flow and bars, it’s gotta be the maknae of the group!

That’s not all! The four members then proceeded to perform their other solo tracks together. These included Solar’s “Spit It Out,” Moonbyul’s “Lunatic,” Wheein’s “Make Me Happy,” and Hwasa’s “Maria.”

While recovering from this overwhelming surprise might take MooMoos some time, it has only fired up their desire to see their favorite artists live even more! Many felt that this setlist is reflective of how confident MAMAMOO are as artists to be able to adapt different concepts and body them like no big deal!

One thing about MAMAMOO, they will never give you a forgettable show!