MAMAMOO Reveal Why They Were Shocked When They First Saw The Choreography For “AYA”

“Since we have to perform it, singing and dancing at the same time…”

MAMAMOO reveal how shocked they were when they saw the intricate routine to their latest song, “AYA”!

On an episode of Boss In The Mirror, famous choreographer Lia Kim made an appearance, where she talked about the beautiful choreographies she created for MAMAMOO!

I had the chance to work with MAMAMOO. I choreographed “HIP” and Hwasa’s “Maria”.

—Lia Kim

MAMAMOO then talked about what they think of her choreographies! Hwasa revealed that she thinks they’re extremely tough, and pinpointed the start of her body aches to “HIP”!

Her dance routines are so tough. Really tough. My aches began with “HIP”.


When it came to the choreography of their latest hit song “AYA”, Lia Kim then revealed the vibe she was wanted to create with the choreography!

During the concept meeting with CEO Kim, the suggestion for the song was an African vibe. That was the suggestion. There’ll be growling sounds. The lyrics about pulling rotten teeth made me think of cheetahs and wild cats. Predatory animals like that.

Since animal prints are trendy now, we wanted that kind of mood. That’s what I imagined as I made the routine. It’s like a pack of wolves led by the queens. Full of wild energy.

—Lia Kim

While Lia Kim exclaimed over the amazing choreography, MAMAMOO were equally stunned…at how difficult the whole routine looked!

Moonbyul then gave a detailed first impression of the routine for “AYA”!

Once we saw the routine, we said, “Can we pull that off?” So it’s really cool, but… Since we have to perform it, singing and dancing at the same time…

Our jaws dropped down.


The other hosts also exclaimed over how tough it would be to perform the dance while singing live…

Given MAMAMOO’s specialty, you’ll perform that while singing live… But how?

…and Solar gave her closing statements on the matter!

We’re at our wits’ end.


Watch MAMAMOO give their thoughts on Lia Kim’s intense choreography for “AYA” here!