MAMAMOO Solar Left Fans Shook With Her Unrecognizable Transformation And An Explicit “WAP” Cover

Streets are saying MooMoos are still in recovery.

If there was ever an award for being the most unpredictable idol in K-Pop, MAMAMOO could have bagged it easily with the way they are moving this year. While fans were waiting for the group to drop a comeback announcement, Solar had other plans to surprise them!

On August 10, JTBC Entertainment dropped a teaser for their new show Star Tansaeng (translated as Birth Of A Star) where Solar was seen in a completely unrecognizable look, covering the explicit version of the 2020 hit song “WAP” by Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion!

While some MooMoos immediately got to work to put together the WAP subunit of MAMAMOO, others were confused, wondering what the hell was going on.

Well, here is what’s actually going on. This new JTBC show revolves around the concept of giving established singers a chance to reset their lives and try out a fresh start. So, on the show, fans will see singers re-debut with a completely new image.

In the full teaser video, Solar takes on two polar opposite avatars. During the first half, she is singing a children’s song with a very innocent get-up, and then in the next half, she switches it up completely with a bold look and an explicit song.

But the most amusing part of this entire ordeal is the filters used in the video to emphasize the two different images of Solar. The ‘re-invented’ images of the participants on the show will be created through an app and from the looks of it, the results are hilarious.

Apart from Solar, popular trot singer Jang Min Ho is also in the show’s lineup. JTBC is yet to reveal the show’s official schedule. But they have confirmed that it will start airing in September.

Source: MK News