Here’s The BTS Member That MAMAMOO’s Solar And Moonbyul Want To Switch Lives With

They met during their schedules.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar and Moonbyul recently appeared on the TMI SHOW and were asked which idol group they would choose to switch lives with. Solar excitedly gushed that the answer is none other than BTS.

Specifically, when asked which member they would pick, both Solar and Moonbyul chose J-Hope with no hesitation.

Moonbyul revealed that J-Hope’s charming, positive energy stood out and that he was always kind.

I met him when our schedules aligned. He had the best energy and was really nice.

— Moonbyul

Previously, the MAMAMOO members met J-Hope during various broadcasts, including when Moonbyul and Wheein MC’d with him.

As someone who always brings his strong work ethic and optimistic attitude wherever he goes, J-Hope leaves a lasting impression on many idols, staff members, and people.

Switching lives with him would mean you work harder than anyone…

…and you would approach everything with humility and sincerity. Basically, J-Hope is someone everyone can learn from!

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