MAMAMOO’s Solar Wrote The Song “Big Booty” Because She Was So “Eager” To Have One

Only Solar can turn her wish for a bigger butt into a total bop!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar wanted a big butt so badly that she decided to write a song about it!

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/Instagram

On March 16, Solar released her first solo mini album, 容 : FACE,  and it’s a huge hit! She topped the iTunes Charts in 20 countries with the mini album.

| @solarkeem/Twitter

Solar appeared on Showterview with Jessi to talk about her mini album and the concept of her title track, “Honey.”

| Mobidic/YouTube

During the interview, Jessi asked Solar which song she would most like to recommend from her mini album, apart from the title track.

Solar said her favorite track from the album was “Big Booty,” and Jessi was shocked! She asked Solar if she had a big booty, and Solar said no.

Solar told Jessi that “Big Booty” was actually the first song she’d ever written. She explained that she wrote it because she was “eager” for a bigger butt back then. Solar said, “I kept thinking I wanna get a big booty and ended up writing the lyrics.” 

Based on the song’s title, Jessi expected “Big Booty” to be raunchy, but Solar told her the song is actually cute and jazzy.

Props to Solar for turning her desire for a bigger booty into a jazzy bop!

Check out the full Showterview episode below.