Here’s How Far MAMAMOO’s Stylist Is Willing To Go To For The Perfect MV Outfit

And so early in the morning too!

MAMAMOO has made 2021 into a full-year celebration of their 7th debut anniversary. So far, they’ve released a ballad album, held an online concert, and have just recently put out a double album’s worth of greatest hit remixes.

The girls also released a new song and even filmed an MV to accompany their greatest hits album. “Mumumumuch” is a fun song that sees MAMAMOO showing off their personalities.

While behind the scenes at the MV shoot, Solar recently let fans in on a secret behind one of the most beloved outfits from the MV.

Solar first revealed that the girls of MAMAMOO had a lot of influence on the creative image of the MV, including what outfits they wore. Solar’s blue dress was chosen by Solar specifically for the MV.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous dress came from somewhere overseas. Solar shared that “This outfit… I ordered it. It arrived in Korea yesterday night at 11.”

This could’ve put a halt to production if it wasn’t for their dedicated stylist.

So, in the morning, our stylist went to Incheon airport herself to get it from customs. I was really grateful.


Even Solar’s captions appreciated what the stylist went through for that dress, saying that “seriously, the story behind this outfit… It’s like a movie,” and “the courier must have also felt sorry for her… She said they handled it quickly.”

Luckily, MAMAMOO has a stylist that is willing to go wherever they need to make sure the girls look good.

We’re so grateful that MAMAMOO has been able to keep such a supportive staff over all the years. To see the rest of Solar’s vlog from the set of the MV, check out the video below: