MAMAMOO’s Wheein Recalls Passing Out Twice From Excessive Dieting

She was taking appetite suppressants in order to lose weight.

Ahead of their comeback, MAMAMOO appeared on KBS‘s Boss in the Mirror where they gathered in the studio to record a song.

Meanwhile, it was noticed that the remembers packed their own lunches ahead of their anticipated return to the stage.

While enjoying their different lunches, the topic of dieting came up.

When we were trainees, the only diet we could go on was the starving kind.

— Solar

Solar then made the shocking confession that she ended up at the hospital after trying to lose as much weight as possible.

I ended up going to the ER after taking medicine that cleans out your intestines. My body was strained after I only took that medicine without eating.

— Solar

That’s when Wheein made the devastating confession that she passed out twice due to excessive dieting.

I also passed out twice from taking appetite suppressants. You’re supposed to eat food and then take it, but I took it on an empty stomach.

— Wheein

While MAMAMOO was forced to diet by the agency during their trainee days, they are now in charge of their own diets, meaning they can do it the healthy way now.

But netizens are still expressing their sympathy with comments such as “I respect their dedication“, “If I were them, I would’ve just eaten everything“, and “That’s so unfortunate“.

Source: Dispatch


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