A Man In Gangnam Is Being Hailed As “Superman” For His Heroic Deed During The Flood

“He really is Superman…”

Previously it has been reported that Seoul and area of Gyeonggi-do are experiencing heavy rain. According to reports, 422mm of rainwater fell on the city.

Gangnam on the evening of August 8| The Korea Herald

| The Korea Herald

Due to the heavy rains, parts of lower Seoul, namely Gangnam and its surrounding districts, were flooded. The southern city of Incheon, just west of Seoul, has also been flooded.

| The Korea Herald

| The Korea Herald

The floods have caused an immense amount of damage. As of writing this article, seven people have died, and six more people are reported missing. Damages to infrastructure throughout the city as been rife. Subway stations, malls, and roads have all reported damage.

Aftermath of the rain in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do| Yonhap News

Aftermath of the rain in Seocho, Seoul | Yonhap News

Among the despair, one man’s act of courage is going viral.

A post on an online community has since been viewed over 500k times. The post titled “In Comes Superman” revealed that one man braved the floods and, with his bare hands, removed a mountain of trash blocking the sewers.

One man removed trash that was blocking the street gutters with his bare hands. Thanks to him, the floodwater that came up to your calves was gone instantly. He is Superman.

— Netizen

The post revealed pictures of a middle-aged man cleaning out the entrance to a street gutter.

Man dubbed “Superman” cleaning out a street gutter in Gangnam | FM Korea

Man dubbed “Superman” cleaning out a street gutter in Gangnam | FM Korea

Netizens applauded the man for his bravery and called him a hero.

  • “He is such a cool guy.”
  • “He is a hero.”
  • “It’s a good thing that there are still people like him in this country.”
  • “He’s so cool.”
  • “He really is Superman.”
  • “Wow, is he the owner of the Audi? He’s so cool.”
  • “He’s doing it with his bare hands.”

This man is proof that superheroes don’t only exist in movies. Unfortunately for the citizens of Seoul, they may need many more superheroes as more heavy rain is predicted to fall on the city in the upcoming days.

Seoul’s weather forecast | Google

Source: Wikitree, FM Korea and Yonhap News

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