Man Who Purchased Cho Joo Bin’s Nth Room Sex Videos Commits Suicide

He decided to end his life.

A man in his 40’s who was a member of Cho Joo Bin‘s Telegram Nth Rooms has committed suicide.

According to an exclusive report from MBN, the man in his 40’s was believed to have been a member of Cho Joo Bin’s Telegram Nth Rooms and decided to end his life by jumping into the Han River.

The Seoul Gangnam Police Station stated on March 27 that a man in his 40’s died at 2:47 am, after jumping off the Yeongdong Bridge. The man was reportedly in despair for what he had done, after hearing that police would ramping up investigations into the case. A bag was found at the scene, and inside was a suicide note left by the man.

I deposited money for the Doctor’s Nth Rooms, but I didn’t know [the situation] would become so big.

— Man’s suicide note

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances around his death based on available CCTV footage, the suicide note, and statements from those close to the man.

Source: MBN

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