The Managers Of Two Of SM Entertainment’s Most Iconic Groups Reportedly Just Got Married, And Fans Are Loving It

Now the two groups are bonded in more ways than just bromance…

Fans were surprised in the best way when they found out that the managers of two of SM Entertainment‘s most iconic groups married each other.

Earlier this month netizens were amused when two fansite masters announced their marriage to each other. Two fansites of ALICE‘s (formerly ELRIS) Yukyung, First Camera and Flower Tint, were married on October 15, going viral.

Wedding invitation. | @flowertint1105/Twitter

In a similar, perhaps even more satisfying turn of events, it was revealed that the managers of TVXQ and SHINee were married to each other on October 30, taking fans hilariously by surprise.

Arguably two of the biggest legends in K-Pop, TVXQ and SHINee both attended the wedding.

| @team5shinee/Twitter

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin were both present—and playing key roles. Changmin was one of the main performers…

TVXQ’s Changmin | @team5shinee/Twitter 

…while Yunho was the event’s MC.

TVXQ’s Yunho 

Of the members of SHINee, Minho, Onew and Taemin attended, the latter of whom fans were definitely happy to see!

(From left to right) SHINee’s Onew, Taemin, Minho | @team5shinee/Twitter

As expected, SHINee’s Onew also came to deliver a touching performance, proving that the members’ friendship with their managers is forever. He reportedly sang the track, “Beautiful.”

The ending song for the wedding was reportedly “Hope,” which was the final song in the setlist for SMTOWN LIVE 2022Red Velvet‘s Wendy was also not only in attendance, but there to perform as well, leading fans to joke about how the wedding was essentially yet another SMTOWN concert.

Seeing as the friendship between TVXQ and SHINee goes way back, most notably between Changmin and Minho, fans have also been hilariously “speculating” as to how the managers fell in love in the first place.

Now, as fans say, the two groups are forever bonded in more ways than just simple bromance.

Of course, many were also surprised at the news because of how Taemin iconically liked to spill the tea about “Manager Euisoo” and his unfortunate perpetual singleness.

Fans were wondering if Manager Euisoo had finally beaten the single allegations, but as it turns out, the wedding was not his. As things stand, he is still single (and ready to be lovingly roasted by Taemin when he returns).

As great as it is to always see members of K-Pop groups being besties, it might even be better to see how genuine their relationship is with the people they work with behind the scenes, as this truly says a lot about their real personalities!

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