Soccer Team Manager Makes Racist Comment About Hwang Hee Chan, Gets Trolled To The Next Dimension

The manager has become a meme now, with a hundred nicknames to keep.

During a pre-match press conference, soccer team Manchester City‘s manager Pep Guardiola referred to the South Korean player Hwang Hee Chan while talking about the opposing team, the Wolves.

Well, no; Guardiola mentioned “the Korean guy” after mentioning two other teammates by their names.

The internet went wild over Guardiola’s oh-so-casual racism. Both Koreans and non-Koreans found Guardiola’s comment to be disrespectful to Hwang, especially knowing that “butchering names and/or not caring to learn them” is a long-standing form of microaggression that Asians face.

Hwang Hee Chan | @hwangheechan/Instagram

During the match following the press conference, “the Korean guy” scored the winning goal against Guardiola’s team. Then, starting with the Wolves’ stab at Guardiola…

…the manager got roasted to a crisp across social media platforms.

In fact, the Wolves took to TikTok and made sure that Hwang Hee Chan’s name was etched in Man City manager’s brain forever.


Perfection. 🇰🇷😂 premierleague hwangheechan

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One tweet then reported that during the post-match conference, Guardiola said “Hwang” when talking about Hwang Hee Chan’s work.

Ah. Lesson learned!

Unfortunately, the soccer world remains hostile to “the Korean guys,” it seems—with equally renowned player Son Heung Min regularly facing racial discriminations.

Read more about it here.

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