“Marry My Husband” Na In Woo Goes Viral For His Unfortunate English Name

He was teased for it.

Marry My Husband star Na In Woo is on the rise lately. He’s been making a name for himself as a popular actor for romcoms! A year-old episode of Na In Woo on 2D1N went viral belatedly due to his rising recognition.

On the show, he discussed his english name. Na In Woo lived in Canada for 3 years, moving when he was 9-years-old. He moved back to Korea when he was 12-years-old, then later became a trainee.

When asked about his english name, Na In Woo hesitated before explaining that his original name was Na Jong Chan. Foreigners could not pronounce “Jong” well, and often called him “John Chan.”

He ended up using “John” instead.

Put together with his last name, it would be “John Na.” Na In Woo sheepishly admitted that he was teased by other Koreans as “John Na” has the same pronunciation and Korean spelling as the curse word, “Jonna.”

Jonna” in Korean is a casual word for “f*cking.” It is used differently from the commonly known “ssibal.” “Jonna” can be used in attachment to another descriptive word, for example, “jonna handsome,” like Na In Woo himself!

The moment went viral with over 750,000 views on X!

Na In Woo is actually kinda funny… He’s so innocent.

— yepssul

This FR… Every time I think of it, it’s jonna funny…

— 0x0_vvwhitx

What a funny coincidence!

Source: YouTube