MASC’s ACE Sends Several Apologies To Chibin, But Drama Continues

The boy group members remain in dispute over what actually happened.

Since MASC‘s Chibin hinted at getting assaulted within his boy group, the alleged abuser ACE spoke up and apologized. Yet, the situation continues to grow more intense as the two members’ positions regarding the incident are different.

Male Idol Claims He Was Physically Assaulted By Fellow Group Member


ACE publicly apologized on Instagram as soon as the news of the incident surfaced.

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“This is ACE Firstly I would like to sincerely apologize to our fans, the public and to our members for arousing criticism. I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart to our fans who have believed in me and supported me. I would also like to apologize to my members who have come this far with me together.

Asides from whatever situation and my intentions at the time of the incident, and based on the result of the incident, I would like to admit to the fault in my actions of that day. However, never did I break an umbrella on a brick wall to make a weapon or assault my members as they were trying to prevent me. I would like to state that these accusations are completely false.

Furthermore, accusations that I disappeared without contact for 5 months without a single apology is completely untrue. During this period of inactivity, I took full responsibility for my actions by leaving the group, ending my contract with the company while also undergoing and completing a police investigation.

I wish that the fans who supported MASC, the MASC members and the people I love are not hurt or taken aback by these one-sided accusations.

I am fully aware of the immaturity of my actions. I would like to once again apologize for my actions. I will continue to give my support for MASC. I ask that you also continue to give your love and support for MASC.”



While the caption reads like an apology, the lyrics of the song that he uploaded alongside clearly blames Chibin for cornering him.

“For months, I’m hiding. Everything is falling apart. Do you think this is fun for me? I’m rock bottom… I wanted to right the wrong that I’ve done. I offered my hand first and you took it. Yet here you are, lighting everything back on fire… I tried everything I could. I ran away – no. I packed up and left for you because you couldn’t stand me. I wanted to take responsibility. Had I stayed I would’ve caused more trouble. But I’m hit with articles that are filled with lies. You talk like it was one way abuse. Even I can tell it makes me sound like a piece of sh*t. If I leave you to it, you’d write worse things… I’ve been called by the police. They said they can tell what this is about. Looks like you’re after the money… You cursed me out. The members had to endure. You only know yourself. The company isn’t any better…”

— Excerpts from ACE’s Lyrics


Chibin reacted to this post by sharing a text message, said to be from ACE. The message reads, “Chibin, are you okay? Make sure you get full medical treatment and send me the receipts. I called your mom but she won’t answer. I’m going to take responsibility for this. I’ll leave the group, don’t worry. It’s not because of you. Don’t take it that way. MASC is going to be fine without me. You’re going to be a remarkable member though. I’m really sorry again. If you could ever forgive me, I’d love to see you again with smiles on our faces.” 

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Chibin criticized ACE once again for “confusing everyone with the rap lyrics.”

“I never asked ACE to leave the team. ACE has quit KakaoTalk about two hours ago. I have no idea why he would rap and make everyone even more confused than they are now. I’m the one who offered my hand first. When I was discussing this with the agency, about who should stay and who should leave, I said I wanted to stay. The agency asked to bring ACE into the conversation… He said he wanted to work things out with me, but he never visited me at the hospital. I never charged at him or cursed at him. I surprised him and that’s why he swung an umbrella at me? I assaulted him first? These are all lies and the members know, except the leader who wasn’t there and my friend Moonbong. You think I’m after the money? You have no idea what’s important here. You never even apologized… Who do you think people will trust? You, who always beat Moonbong and me on the head and neck? You, who was always at the center of all our teamwork issues? You, who ran out on us an hour before a live performance screaming curse words at everyone?”

— Chibin


Since then, ACE came forward in a more official statement / apology.

“First and foremost, and regardless of the reasons, I would like to sincerely apologize. I thought of Chibin as family. And as an older member of the team, I wanted to guide him. There are things I want to dispute, or explain point by point, but I know a genuine apology to Chibin should come first.”



ACE admitted the boy group had some difficulties in teamwork.

“We’re a debuted idol group and we’re a team. So I always believed in having a professional mindset. Unfortunately, there has been trouble amongst the members, who are all relatively young. We did have our bad days. I apologize again and again. I know all the members only wanted what is best for the team. I am sorry, Chibin.”



Then ACE pointed out some things as narrated by Chibin are not true. He claimed he has no choice but to take legal action for what is causing him damage as well.

“Some of the things that are circulating are simply not true or exaggerated. Such fals news is causing me a lot of pain and damage as well. For that, I will have no choice but to take legal action against to protect myself.”



Chibin responded to ACE’s latest statement via Instagram.

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Following a screenshot of ACE’s statement, Chibin claimed, “Everything that has been submitted to the police report is true.”

“How do you think my five months have been? Your pain and damage? It must be hard on you, huh? You should have contacted me first, if you’re trying to apologize. You can let me know what is so “untrue”. Let me know what has been exaggerated. I assure everyone one more time, everything that has been submitted to the police report is true. I’ll be waiting for your call, ACE.”

— Chibin


With the situation spinning out of control, fans are remaining concerned, but extremely supportive of Chibin. Many are asking the agency, J Planet Entertainment, to show some involvement as it has not reacted in any way to the whole controversy.

  • “I hate that I can’t do anything to you and can’t tell you how a wonderful person you are but also remember that I understand you and support you in everything.”

  • “The fact that their agency hasn’t said or done anything worries me.”

  • “Don’t you ever think the victim is ever at fault. Chibin, you did nothing wrong. Stay strong.”

  • “What the hell… This really breaks my heart.”

  • “You know, I’m not even a MASC fan but this whole thing is so f*cked up and it makes me so angry. I hope you get through this, Chibin.”

  • “Chibin, just take him to court. Take care of this the legal way, like he wants to.”
Source: E Daily and OSEN