Master Park Rok Dam Prays For BTS Jin’s Safe Return From The Military With A Grand Gesture

He is probably the most successful and beloved student.

On November 12, KST, BTS‘s Jin debuted his new YouTube show Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey, where he learned the art of making traditional alcohol from the veteran Korean alcohol artisan Park Rok Dam. The two gradually developed a warm dynamic on screen as the episodes progressed, but no one could have guessed how far that association has progressed behind the scenes!

(from left to right) Jin, chef Baek, and Park Rok Dam | BANGTANTV/YouTube

In a recent post on his official Facebook account, Park Rok Dam shared pictures of him making a new batch of alcohol from scratch, specifically for his beloved student Jin. The master did all the labor himself, and the jar where he stored the rice for fermentation had a sweet note attached on top, wishing for Jin’s safe return from the military.

Park Rok Dam making the crude liquor for Jin | 박록담/Facebook
| 박록담/Facebook

Commemorating BTS Jin’s enlistment. Prayer for safe discharge.

—The label on the alcohol jar.

In the lengthy caption, master Park shared that on the first day of snow, he suddenly thought of making alcohol for Jin. The two now have a close relationship, and knowing that his student was about to serve in the military, he prayed for his safe return after his duties. With that wish in mind, he made the liquor by himself, but two days later, he made two different kinds of alcohol with Jin as well.

| 박록담/Facebook
| 박록담/Facebook

Both on Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey show and in the Facebook post, master Park mentioned that he quit alcohol. But he is ready to make an exception for Jin. He suggested that when Jin finishes his duty and returns safely, they should open the alcohol and make a toast!

| 박록담/Facebook

The fact that one of the most revered masters of Korea who single-handedly revived the culture of traditional alcohol making in the country went to such lengths for Jin only testifies to how lovable he must be as a person!


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