MBC Cut Kim Jae Hwan’s Performance In The Middle, Fans Demand An Apology

MBC has yet to release a statement.

Kim Jae Hwan had an incident during the 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.


Kim Jae Hwan was part of the performance lineup for the event on December 31, 2019. After completing rehearsals successfully, he was slated to perform a total of 4 songs; “Rebecca”, “Who Am I”, “The Time I Need” and “Nuna”. When the music for “Rebecca” was supposed to start, however, his next song, “Who Am I” played instead.


Also, when he was supposed to perform “The Time I Needed”, MBC cut the performance mid-way and played the song for “Nuna” instead. Kim Jae Hwan stood frozen in confusion for a bit, until one of his back-up dancers walked up to him and told him to get into position for “Nuna”.


After the performances, video footage of him bowing at the end in apology had fans riled up in anger over his mistreatment, but some fans took it to mean him bowing to welcome in the new year.


One of the MCs at the event, Jang Sung Kyu, apologized for the incident on the show, saying that this was due to connection problems, and that it could be chalked up to being the”charm of live broadcasts”.


The connection to Jamsil Tower during the live wasn’t good. Putting it in a good way, you could say that it could be the charm of a live broadcast, but this absolutely will not happen again. We ask for your understanding.

—Jang Sung Kyu


He had to give a second apology when fans criticized him for calling it “the charm of a live broadcast”.

I was very nervous, so I ended up not being considerate of Kim Jae Hwan, who worked very hard for the event in the cold. I would like to apologize to Kim Jae Hwan, as well as the viewers.

—Jang Sung Kyu



Nonetheless, fans have been extremely angry about MBC’s folly regarding Kim Jae Hwan’s performances, and are demanding an apology from them.


This is not the only incident that has cropped up at the end-of-the-year events. On December 25, Red Velvet‘s Wendy suffered a major accident during stage rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun. Fans were extremely upset over the apology that SBS issued to Wendy, and even groupmate Joy spoke up about how angry she was about it as well.


On December 27, Apink also had a stage incident at the 2019 KBS Song Festival where their performance was cut off midway. As a very senior group who’s only performance was during award shows, fans everywhere were extremely angry, and the hashtag #JusticeForApink trended worldwide on Twitter. Members Park Chorong, Son Nauen, Jung Eunji and Yoon Bomi also spoke up about the incident, and expressed their frustration over the incident.


Kim Jae Hwan made his comeback on December 12, 2019. Watch the MV for “The Time I Needed” here: