MBC Introduces T.A.N Their Newest Boy Group From “Wild Idol” And Netizens Have A Lot To Say

It does seem a bit…😳

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On December 16th, MBC aired their final episode of their survival audition show Extreme Debut: Wild Idol, announcing their debut line up.

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

The debut line up is comprised of seven members and it was announced that their group name would officially be T.A.N to stand for “To All Nations.”

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

The final episode of Wild Idol had celebrity guest stars like Kim Jong Kook, choreographer Lia Kim, Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, 2PM‘s Jun.K, Tiger JK, and more.

The seven final debut members are as follows:

1. Lee Changsun

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

2. Bang Taehoon

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

3. Kim Jiseong

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

4. Seo Sunghyuk

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

5. Lee Jaejun

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

6. Kim Hyunyeob

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

7. Lim Jooahn

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

I’m so grateful to the younger members. I really wanted to debut in front of my grandma, but she actually passed away two weeks ago. I really wanted to show her, so I feel really regretful. I feel like I was really sensitive toward the younger members, so I’m really sorry and grateful.

—Lee Chang Sun, Wild Idol

MBC’s Official Wild Idol Twitter account tweeted a picture of the new group’s official name and emblem.

As we previously mentioned, T.A.N stands for “To All Nations” and is supposed to represent the group’s wishes to bring their music beyond just South Korea. They’re set to debut in 2022.

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

To All Nations – to surpass South Korea and promote across the globe

Netizens were quick to notice a couple things though.

Some felt bad for the members of T.A.N because the name wasn’t their choice, but the network’s.

“The One With Russ” | Friends


One netizen explained the meaning of the logo.

While it was never confirmed that BTS and MBC have bad blood, lots of ARMYs came to the conclusion after BTS skipped the MBC end of year music festival to perform at Times Square in New York. People seem to think that MBC then took action against other Big Hit artists in retaliation.

As ARMYs on Twitter had a bit of fun comparing the new group’s similarities to BTS, K-Netizens also noticed the similarities.

| MBC Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

Although the name and logo do seem similar to those of BTS, that does not undermine the hard work of the 7 boys who made it to the debut line up. What are your thoughts on the situation?