MBC K-Drama “Tomorrow” Responds To Allegations They Intentionally Used BTS Members’ Names And Birth Dates To Represent The Dead

“Please reshoot the scene using the names and birth dates of the production staff.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

The production staff of MBC‘s drama Tomorrow responded to allegations they deliberately used the birth dates of BTS members in the drama’s “Registry Of The Entering Dead.”

Poster for drama “Tomorrow” | MBC

The controversy stems from the drama’s seventh episode, which aired on April 22. In the episode, a character is seen writing names in a “Registry Of the Entering Dead,” it can be assumed that the names written in the registry are of the deceased. Netizens took issue with the fact the drama wrote down the names and birthdays of BTS members in the registry.

A netizen highlighted the references to BTS, with the first line showing BTS V’s name and birth date and the second line with Jungkook’s birth date | theqoo

A representative of the drama spoke on May 17 and responded to the controversy. According to the representative, the numbers were merely a coincidence, and the drama did not mean to disrespect the BTS members.

They are merely a combination of numbers, and there are no other intentions behind them.

—K-Drama Tomorrow representative

Many netizens are not buying the representative’s explanations. Netizens poured into the comment section on the drama’s official website and wrote, “Do you think the use of two names and the birthdays of four BTS members is a coincidence?” “We need an explanation and an official apology,” and “This is ridiculous and extremely disturbing.”

  • 159 Please delete the scene.
  • 158 Don’t say it was a coincidence. Stop making excuses that do not make any sense!
  • 157 Seeing how your excuse makes zero sense, it definitely was done intentionally!
  • 156 How dare you say BTS members were murdered? Apologize!
  • 155 Saying it wasn’t intentional doesn’t make any sense.
  • 154 Please reshoot the scene using the names and birth dates of the production staff.
  • 153 Please delete the scenes.
  • 152 Not sure if it was done intentionally, but I would not like to see the scene again.
  • 151 Explain and apologize
  • 150 Please apologize for maliciously using the members’ names and birth dates.
  • 149 It seems intentional and malicious. Please delete the scene, apologize, and punish all those involved. Please show us your quick handling of this situation.
  • 148 Please explain and apologize.
  • 147 What on earth were your intentions?
  • 146 There is no way this was a coincidence.

Also concerning is this incident seems to be another passive-agressive act committed by MBC towards BTS, HYBE, and its groups.

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Source: My Daily