MBC K-Drama “Tomorrow” Under Fire After Allegedly Using The BTS Members In Disrespectful Way

Korean netizens shared their anger.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

MBC has since responded to the allegations.

With the rising popularity of BTS, there has been an increase in the number of times the group or members have been mentioned in K-Dramas, movies, and television series across the world. Netizens have loved seeing the members mentioned in different ways and have often shared their love for the shows and the respect they’ve given BTS.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, one K-Drama has come under fire for referencing the members of BTS in a way that has been deemed disrespectful.

MBC‘s K-Drama Tomorrow has gained mixed opinions from netizens since it started airing. While most international fans have praised the show starring SF9‘s Rowoon, Kim Hee Seon, and Lee Soo Hyuk for dealing with the topic of suicide, the ratings in Korea have been disappointing.

The cast of “Tomorrow” | MBC

The series follows a group of grim reapers who are trying to stop people from dying by suicide. It looks at the reasons behind people’s decisions and shines a light on the seriousness.

Yet, due to the setting, it is inevitable that deaths occur and they are escorted to the afterlife by Lee Soo Hyuk’s team.

The K-Drama deals with the issues of bullying in Korean schools | Netflix
The bullying stayed with the character even in adulthood and led her to death by suicide | Netflix 

In one of the episodes, the K-Drama showcased a list of those who have died in a document titled, “Registry Of the Entering Dead.” Although it wasn’t an odd prop to have in the show, it was two entries highlighted by fans that caused an outcry among Korean fans.

The third entry on the list was for someone named “Kim Tae Hyung” with his date of birth listed as “1971.12.30.” Very quickly, netizens noticed that not only was it the same name as BTS’s V but they used his exact birthday, except changing the year from 1995 to 1971.

A netizen highlighted the references to BTS, with the first line showing BTS V’s name and birth date and the second line with Jungkook’s birth date | theqoo

The entry below also caused a stir. After seeing the connection to BTS’s V, the following details seemed far from a coincidence. Although the name was “Kim Yoo Rim,” which had nothing to do with BTS, the date of birth was written as “1997.9.1,” which is the exact date of birth of BTS’s maknae Jungkook.

Unsurprisingly, although the scene was from a past episode, it has gained a lot of negative reactions from Korean netizens.

  • 1704. I was enraged when I saw they had written down the information of a famous member of the entertainment industry, but when I looked at it again, I noticed they also have the birthday of a famous athlete in the sports industry wtf. Are they crazy? I want to find out who wrote it and tattoo their name+birthday+death, heart attack on their forehead
  • 1706. Wow, I can completely understand why the fans are f*cking mad..
  • 1714. It’s clear it was intentional even with the birthdays, but what is this? Are they trying to stir up buzz? I think we need to find out who wrote this and get to the bottom of it. It’s pretty frightening?

Although nobody knows whether it was done maliciously, MBC has not had the best relationship with HYBE.

Back in 2019, MBC was accused of using its powers to “take revenge” on BTS for not attending their Gayo Daejeon. But instead of directing it towards the group, they allegedly “punished” the affiliated groups, TXT and GFRIEND by not putting them on the lineup.

Even in 2022, it isn’t clear whether this “beef” with HYBE and MBC has been solved. Although ENHYPEN has appeared on MBC’s MBC Radio, it isn’t normal to see the artists on Show! Music Core.

MBC has since responded to the allegations.

MBC K-Drama “Tomorrow” Responds To Allegations They Intentionally Used BTS Members’ Names And Birth Dates To Represent The Dead

Source: Theqoo