BTS’s V Got The Shock Of His Life On “MBC Radio” — Try Not To Laugh

V didn’t know he was being live streamed.

We all have embarrassing moments, but they usually don’t happen in front of millions of people!

On September 14, BTS guested on MBC Radio‘s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp (BCSMC) program to discuss “Dynamite”, the Billboard charts, GRAMMY Awards, and more. Like all visual radio shows, this one had two components: an audio-only broadcast and an in-studio video broadcast…

…but didn’t realize they were streaming live on YouTube. When RMJ-HopeJinSuga, and V arrived and settled into their seats, V zipped up his fly, completely unaware.

It was only after Jimin and Jungkook arrived later that the host announced the YouTube live stream. V sat up in his chair and looked around for cameras…

…totally shocked.

It’s unclear if V’s zipper moment caused this hilarious reaction, but either way, fans are loving it!

Watch the full broadcast here:


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