BTS’s RM Puts The “Arm” In “ARMY” — Jungkook Just Verified It

He confirmed what fans have been memeing.

Jungkook is living that y/n life as RM‘s #1 fanboy, but try not to feel too jealous.

Today BTS appeared on MBC Radio‘s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp (BCSMC) to talk about “Dynamite”, the pandemic, and more. Since this visual radio show was streamed live on YouTube, fans spotted funny moments they would have missed by just listening to the broadcast.

One of these moments involved BTS’s swol leader and his fan club president.

Lately, RM has been buffing up with weight training, and let’s just say that ARMY appreciates his hard work. A lot. Fans even created personal trainer memes that RM found out about.

Bang Si Hyuk: I worked out at home!
RM: Member-nim, you mean your breathing exercises?

Is RM really as fit as he looks? During a commercial break, Jungkook took it upon himself to verify the facts…

…thoroughly. When RM flexed his bicep at the end of this inspection, they both burst out laughing!

Watch the whole show here: