MBC’s “South Korean Foreigners” Reveals Their Stance On Sam Okyere’s Future On The Show

They tried to get in touch with Sam Okyere.

It hasn’t been easy for Sam Okyere lately due to the blackface parody controversy followed by the “sexual joke” controversy sparked by one of his past posts on Instagram.

What ultimately led Sam Okyere to shut down his Instagram account was when Sam Okyere commented, “Preach” to a fan who made the remark, “Cute. Once you go black, you never go back. Lol” underneath a photo of Sam Okyere with actress, Park Eun Hye.

| @samokyere1/Instagram

Netizens attacked the star, claiming he was making a sexual joke that ultimately belittled Koreans.

JTBC “Abnormal Summit”

Regarding the controversies surrounding Sam Okyere, MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners revealed their stance.

MBC “South Korean Foreigners”

According to multiple media outlets, the producers of South Korean Foreigners tried to get in touch with Sam Okyere in order to have a conversation about it.

However, the producers stated,

We are unable to get in touch with him.

— Sam Okyere

Sam Okyere first came to Korea to study abroad, and once he fell in love with the culture, he entered the entertainment industry in hopes to close the gap between Koreans and their perception of black people.

But following the blackface parody controversy, many Korean netizens have turned their backs on the star.

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