Sam Okyere Under Fire Yet Again For Making A “Sexual Joke” About Black People

Sam Okyere is under attack once again.

Ghanaian TV entertainer in Korea, Sam Okyere has been facing significant controversy ever since he criticized high school students for their blackface parody on Instagram.

| @samokyere1/Instagram

When Sam Okyere shared photos of the high school students and made criticisms against blackface and stressed the importance of better awareness, netizens attacked Sam Okyere for revealing the identities of underage children, using a hashtag of a group that criticizes K-Pop in his post, and belittling Asians in a past episode of JTBC‘s Abnormal Summit.

And this time, Sam Okyere has come under fire for a comment he made in response to a netizen on one of his Instagram photos.

| @samokyere1/Instagram

In March of last year, Sam Okyere posted a photo of himself with actress, Park Eun Hye along with the caption,

Noona, we’re orange caramel.

— Sam Okyere

And in response, one netizen commented,

Cute. Once you go black, you never go back. Lol

— Netizen

But what netizens are criticizing is Sam Okyere’s response to the comment.


— Sam Okyere

Whatever the reason may be, netizens are criticizing Sam Okyere with comments such as “Is it okay for him to joke about it and not us? He learned all the bad stuff“, “Are you allowed to agree to comments like that if you say it in English?“, “Did he understand it wrong? If he knew what it meant, he probably wouldn’t have answered a comment like that“.

In a recent BBC interview, Sam Okyere addressed Korea’s lack of understanding of black culture and attempted to clarify the misunderstandings surrounding his controversies.

However, the star continues to face hate online from Korean netizens.

Source: Dispatch