MBC’s “Video Star” Under Fire For Exaggerating B1A4 Gongchan’s Confession That He’s Dating

Fans, netizens, and the media were mislead.

MBC‘s Video Star recently teased viewers with a headline claiming that B1A4‘s Gongchan confessed to currently being in a relationship.

The hint naturally gained much attention on the internet, but it has just been revealed that the headline was greatly exaggerated.


The article was titled “Gongchan — The Truth is… I’m Dating“, and the report read,

Gongchan flipped the set upside down after revealing that he’s currently dating, and the shocking confession by the man who previously claimed that he has never dated before surprised everyone.

— MBC’s Video Star

Since many stars have previously revealed their dating and marriage lives on Video Star, the teaser gained significant attention from netizens.

But following News1‘s confirmation, it has been clarified that Gongchan was not actually talking about a lover, but rather his fans in the viral confession.

On the show, Gongchan shared,

I’ve been in a relationship with BANA (B1A4 fandom) for around 9 years now.

— Gongchan

Although this is not the first time a celebrity’s statement was exaggerated by the media, netizens are expressing their disappointment in Video Star, especially due to their history of being honest and true while delivering stories of Korean celebrities.


Source: Dispatch