MBTI Experts Debunk A Common Misconception About BTS J-Hope’s “Businessman” Personality

“If the result says he’s a businessman type…”

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his outgoing and sociable personality, which is perfectly aligned with his MBTI personality type!

Kim Jaehyung, a research director from the Korea MBTI Institute, and Jeon Miseon, a senior researcher from the same institute, guested on this week’s episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series. They discussed the MBTI types of both BTS and TXT.

When on the topic of J-Hope’s ESFJ personality type, some ARMYs mistakenly interpreted his “businessman type” result. For example, an ARMY excitedly asked if it means he will own a successful business one day.

BTS talking about their MBTI…the actual influence among them is J-Hope? It says he’s the sociable, diplomatic type. He’s the actual influence! CEO! Will he succeed in owning a successful business in the future?

— Netizen comment

Jeon Miseon explained that it wasn’t meant to be taken that literally. Just because J-Hope is said to be a “businessman type” doesn’t mean that’s what he has in store for the future! Rather than owning a business, it means he is comfortable when he leads others.

If the result says he’s a businessman type, it doesn’t mean he’ll succeed through business but that he feels more comfortable when he actively plays a leading role.

— Jeon Miseon

Kim Jaehyung then clarified a common misconception about leadership types. Many people may think that extraverted types like J-Hope are the ones who are most likely to be leaders, but the truth is that everyone has what it takes.

Out of 16 types, what would be the best leader type? A lot of people say ESTJ or ENTJ, but all 16 types have leadership skills.

— Kim Jaehyung

Who wouldn’t want to be led by someone as fun and caring as J-Hope?

Learn more about MBTI personality types in full video below!

Source: AYO

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