MC Mong to make a quick return with new album in March

Just a few months after releasing his long awaited comeback album MISS ME OR DISS ME in November 2014, rapper MC Mong is making a quick comeback with a new album schedule for this March.

On February 9th, agency officials confirmed the artist’s comeback next month, revealing, “He is currently working on an album. There’s around one month left, so MC Mong is completely focused on that. It was originally scheduled to be released between April and May. But it has been pushed ahead of schedule. This was all made possible thanks to fans’ love.”

MC Mong, despite many protest from netizens who disapproved of his comeback, his album MISS ME OR DISS ME achieved an all-kill status with many of his tracks resting in the TOP10 music charts for weeks.

The new album is set to be released on March 2nd.

Source: TV Report