McDonald’s Announce More Details On BTS Collaboration Merch And Reveal They Will Come With Photocards

Now give us them with our meals!

When McDonald’s first announced their collaboration with BTS, the first thing ARMY could think about was photocards! A must-have for any K-Pop fan, photocards might be small but are normally the most important part of an album.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

McDonald’s has released more information about official collaboration merch that they teased with the groups’ record label HYBE.

On their social media, McDonald’s showed fans how to buy the merchandise when released later this month. 

More importantly, they granted one of ARMY’s wishes by announcing on Twitter that the merchandise WILL come with photocards.

When the group asked about the possibility of photocards with McDonald’s, Jin said there weren’t any plans but that he would make the suggestion. Although there is no news on them coming with the meal, it seems like Jin‘s previous call for photocards has come true!

Hopefully, Jin can work some more of his magic, and fans will be able to get some precious photocards with their meals too!


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