Another BTS Meal McNugget Is For Sale, But, This Time, It’s Said To Resemble Jungkook

Does it really look like him?

Since McDonald’s collaboration with BTS, The BTS Meal, was released, many people have attempted to capitalize off of its fame and the group’s popularity by reselling items from the meal. This includes everything from the packaging to even knockoff designs and, yes, even the food. Most recently, a McNugget said to be from The BTS Meal that resembled an Among Us crewmate sold for a shocking $99,997 USD!

The “Among Us” chicken nugget | eBay

The only way it could have possibly sold for more money is if it included BTS themselves or perhaps resembled one of the members at least. Well, now, someone is claiming they have received a McNugget resembling Jungkook and are trying to sell it.

Jungkook | @McDonalds/Twitter

Listed on Carousell, an online Singaporean marketplace, a seller has listed a BTS Meal for $50 SGD ($37.22 USD). The reason for the cost being more than it would to actually buy the meal yourself is because, as the seller describes, it is “Extremely rare due to one of the nuggets looking like Jungkook.” 

The BTS Meal with the McNugget said to resemble Jungkook | Carousell & u/kopiSEE/Reddit

The seller even included a picture with the McNugget said to resemble the BTS maknae with it circled, so we know what to look for. Netizens on Reddit are dumbfounded by the claim and are debating whether or not the McNugget bears any resemblance to Jungkook and if the seller is serious or not.

  • “I don’t even know who Jungkook is, but it doesn’t even resemble a person 🤨”
  • “This is so weird. McDonalds’s nuggets only come in four shapes, no matter which country you are in. This just looks like the ‘boot’ shape one. If the seller really thinks it looks like some korean dude, they should just buy a whole tub of nuggets. There’s a 25% chance each nugget will look like the same korean dude.”

  • “The seller just talking kook”
  • “Exactly lol are they even fans? I mean why would you say your so called idol you admire looks like a freaking regular chicken nuggie 🤣Feel really bad for this JungKook…”
  • “At this point, I can only applaud this guy’s creativity to try and scam BTS fans. Anyone who actually shells out $50 for this deserves to lose their money”

User veryfascinating seemed to be the only one saying the McNugget looked anything like Jungkook. They said, “Don’t know about you but I say he definitely resembles that nugget…” before leading others to an edited photo of Jungkook with a McNugget for a head.

Jungkook edited with a McNugget | veryfascinating/Reddit

While most of us (if not all) can agree that the McNugget shares no similarities with Jungkook except for them both being “golden,” at least we could get some laughs from the bizarreness of it all.

Source: u/kopiSEE, The Independent and Image