Media and netizens predicted B.A.P lawsuit back in May 2014

It’s been revealed that the lawsuit between B.A.P and TS Entertainment is not a recent matter and that it actually has been going on since May of 2014.

Earlier today Koreaboo broke the news that B.A.P filed a lawsuit against their agency to nullify their contract. It was reported that B.A.P filed this lawsuit citing unfair treatment and reported that during their 3 years of promotions, TS Entertainment gained a revenue of 10 billion won (about $9 million USD) but the members of B.A.P apparently received less than 18 million won each which is about $16,000 USD each. B.A.P has made a name for themselves recently and were even scheduled to have a tour in South America, which was unfortunately cancelled.

However the media was not particularly surprised regarding this news and it has been revealed that B.A.P had first contacted a lawyer in May of 2014. TS Entertainment was also aware of this from the beginning and subsequently had more than six months to prepare and come to an agreement with the members of B.A.P.

It seems that an agreement was not reached, since B.A.P has chosen to press on with the lawsuit. Most entertainment companies share only their profit with members and TS Entertainment’s stance is that they invested a lot in their promotions and so their end profit was not that much. TS Entertainment also released a statement saying that reports of unfair terms and slave contracts are not true.

Source: Herald Pop