Media Outlet Reports BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Likely To Sign With An American Agency

The reported offer is massive.

A foreign media outlet has reported that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is likely to sign with an American agency instead of renewing with YG Entertainment.

According to an exclusive report from TV Report via Taiwan media outlet SETN, Lisa is likely to sign with an unnamed American record label instead of renewing her contract with YG Entertainment.

The report stated that the record label offered a contract guarantee of over ₩50.0 billion KRW (about $37.7 million USD) as well as various promotional and business opportunities, such as music, video content, fashion, performances, and the release of six albums. In addition, it was reported that Lisa would be the owner of the copyrights for her new songs that would be released in the future and also offered her the rights to establish her own studio and the ability to sign artists.

YG Entertainment has not yet responded to the new report, but they have previously stated they are still in discussions with Lisa regarding contract renewals.

YG Entertainment Officially Comments On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Contract Status

Source: TV Report