Meet the Celebrity Teachers for Mnet’s Newest Variety Show “Visiting Teacher”

“WOW, have I ever been more jealous of students…”

When Mnet announced plans to produce Visiting Teacher, a “variety” show where Korean celebrity-mentors will create lesson plans and try all in their powers to improve the students’ grades, K-Pop fans were especially interested to find out which idols will appear on the show!

Idols Will Become Teachers To Regular Students In Mnet’s New Show “Visiting Teacher”


Finally, five Korean celebrities have been revealed to test their teaching skills on Visiting Teacher — SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon, Cosmic GirlsLuda, PENTAGON‘s Hongseok, rapper Microdot, and producer Don Spike!

Vernon will be teaching literature, while Luda will be teaching science. Hongseok, who studied abroad in China, will be helping students with Chinese language. Don Spike, a prestigious university graduate, will be teaching history. Microdot, who studied at the Auckland University of Technology, will be covering mathematics.


The Visiting Teacher production team claimed several factors were considered prior to selecting the first round of teachers.

“We looked at not only the celebrities’ abilities to teach the students, but also their people skills and communication skills. We look forward to the chemistry between these star teachers and their students. There are additional celebrity teachers that we have not yet revealed, so please keep your eyes on us.” — Mnet


Students and parents in Korea can sign up to be taught by these celebrity teachers. Fans are dying to be chosen as the lucky student to be tutored one-on-one by their favorite K-Pop stars!

  • “Science taught by Luda?! Why must there be an age restriction… I’d love to improve my science grades. Can I at least sit in and hear her class? Please?”

  • “Can college students sign up? I would love to get help from Vernon.”

  • “WOW, have I ever been more jealous of students… Why am I so old, d*mn it!”

The show is scheduled to premiere in August 2018.


Watch the newly hired teachers get prepped for their upcoming lessons!

Source: Ten Asia