Member Of Famous Boy Band Reportedly Forced Girl To Take Off Clothes Multiple Times

Another voice has cried out thanks to the global #Metoo movement.

An idol identified only as “N” has been accused of trying to force a traditional musician to take her clothes off multiple times.

The girl, known as “A”, confessed in an online community forum that the “public musician and drummer” had demanded she take her clothes off for months while they practiced together.

It all started when she got a call from a woman at a broadcasting agency asking if she would collaborate with a popular musician who wanted to combine musical genres. The woman would write about it and report on it.

At first, “A” didn’t trust it, but she later agreed and went to a meeting with other musicians (some of whom were in her major, some middle school students and other adults and parents). They were told “N” would work with each of them in their favorite style.

About a month later she was contacted again and asked if she would like to participate in a performance in Jeongju in October 2017, where she could perform a traditional solo and one song together with the band. “A” happily agreed to all of this.

Image: Yina Kim

In the first practice session (which was recorded), there were three people present while she played the piano. Then, N invited her into his practice room—alone. She saw a video of her earlier performance on Youtube and asked him to take it down. He told her if she wanted him to fix it, she had to take off her clothes.

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She left as quickly as she could and kept thinking it had been a mistake because a public figure couldn’t be interested in her body. What made it worse was that one of the people in the room when she had played the piano was “N”‘s wife.

The next day, “N” called her and gave her homework: “go home, take all your clothes off and sing.” Later, he called her again and told her she had to “fix” her body because she would not perform well in October.

Image: Csaba Bajko

Do you know how strange your body is right now? You need to fix yourself. You’re dead. You’re like a stick.— N

She persevered with the project, but on the second practice day together, “N” told her to take her clothes off even though the woman writer was in the room with them. “N” assured her it wasn’t because he was interested in her, it was normal for ballet dancers to take their clothes off in lessons and it was to treat her body issues. The other woman in the room even told her to stop being a snob, but “A” refused to take her clothes off.

When the writer drove her home, she told “A”: “Right now you’re at the bottom of the ladder. If you want to climb, you should do what ‘N’ says.”

After a lot of indecision, “A” finally texted “N” the next day apologizing for her behavior and pleaded for them to both just continue to prepare for the performance. He told her to come over again, which she did, and showed him her music. He listened and then demanded again for her to take her clothes off, this time pointing his phone camera at her. When she refused he said, “fine, just show me your chest.

She said she didn’t want to and he said, “Fine, five seconds only… three seconds… no?

He ended up taking photos of her without her permission and then trying to show her how to turn it into a CG video of her. “N” said it was to see how her body moves while she performs in case he needed a replacement because she looks so dead when she dances.

After that day, she had to see “N” while getting costumes fitted, but he didn’t say anything untoward again and she avoided him as best she could. She got through the performance and decided never to see him again.

The writer who initially contact “A” requested that she get a profile picture taken with him for the story and broadcast but “A” refused.

Image: Ryan Lok

He would continuously contact me after that but I wouldn’t answer. Anytime I had to meet him I hated it. It was really hard when I saw how well he was living. I couldn’t cope no matter how much time went by and I had to suffer from the thought of why I had to go through something others hadn’t.” — A

“A” wrote that if the #Metoo movement hadn’t happened she would have spent her whole life in agony.

I have hesitated several times while writing, but I feel encouraged to not have any more victims. If there are any victims like me, I hope this post gives you courage. Thank you for being interested in the #Metoo movement. I would never have been able to write this text without you.” — A

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As of yet, the identity of “N” remains a mystery and there have been no statements written by any agency.

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