MERS death toll rises and 14 more cases confirmed

On June 7th, the MERS death toll rose with the death of a 75-year old man in Seoul.

This update brings the death toll from four to five. Health officials have also confirmed that there have been 14 more cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Of these 14 cases, 10 are reported to be at the same hospital in Seoul.

Unfortunately, it is believed that the emergency room the 75-year old man died in has a total of 17 infected people, two of whom are medical staff. Officials reported that all confirmed Korean infections have occurred in such healthcare facilities.

This recent outbreak has been traced to a man who returned from a business trip in the Middle East. However, his wife who was infected has since then recovered and been discharged from her hospital. Although there are no sustained human-to-human transmissions, the virus spreads quickly and changes rapidly while boasting a 38% death rate.

First reported on May 20th, the disease has caused much public fear with schools closing down and concerts being postponed as well.

Source: Reuters and

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