Microdot And Actress Hong Soo Hyun Confirmed To Have Broken Up

They are no longer a couple.

Rapper Microdot and actress Hong Soo Hyun‘s breakup rumors have been confirmed by their agency.


On January 8 Hong Soo Hyun’s agency, Content Y, confirmed that the couple recently broke up and added that the reason for their breakup cannot be revealed as it is a private matter.

“After confirming with Hong Soo Hyun, it is true that she and Microdot have recently broken up. However, the details of the reason or time cannot be revealed as it is a private matter.”

ㅡ Content Y


Rumors of their breakup began to spread during the end of last year when sources claimed that the two stars grew apart after Microdot’s parent’s scandal. Despite the rumors, both stars remained silent, further arousing the curiosity of fans.

Microdot And Hong Soo Hyun Allegedly Broke Up Following Parent’s Scandal


The scandal that allegedly caused the couple to grow apart involved Microdot’s parents who were accused of scamming numerous people out of nearly $2 million USD.

Rapper Microdot’s Parents Accused Of Scamming Dozens Out Of Nearly $2 Million


After numerous victims spoke up demanding compensation, Microdot and his parents stated that they would return to Korea and resolve the issue. The whereabouts of Microdot’s entire family, however, is still unclear.

Microdot, Sanchez And His Parents Nowhere To Be Found

Source: Xportsnews