Proud K-Pop Multi-Stan Microsoft Windows Might Have The Solution To Making MONSTA X OT7 Again

Windows is MONBEBE!

Windows, the operating system of the tech corporation Microsoft, is a whole K-Pop multi-stan!

Windows logo. | @Windows/Twitter

On March 23, K-Pop fan Alvaro D. Banuelos posted a very relatable dilemma on Twitter. They debated selling their K-Pop photocard collection, knowing its worth, to buy a new PC.

While Windows could certainly benefit from someone buying one of its PCs, instead, it was concerned about the photocard collection! So, Windows attempted to help out by asking which photocards Alvaro could part with most and least.

This conversation sparked a whole new one in the replies. Another K-Pop fan, Ambrosia, asked Windows for its favorite new K-Pop music video. Like most of us, it’s “MANIAC” by Stray Kids!

Windows and Ambrosia formed a friendship from there, exchanging their favorite groups. They had some in common. For example, Wonho!

It turns out they’re both multi-stans!

Ambrosia revealed that she likes MONSTA X, one of Window’s ults. Previously, Windows revealed that Joohoney is its bias.

Naturally, this got the attention of MONBEBEs across Twitter. When one mentioned that their bias depends on the day of the week, Windows had to ask, “Are you OT7?”

While we’re all supportive of Wonho’s solo career, we can’t help but miss OT7 MONSTA X!

From left: Hyungwon, Shownu, Joohoney, Kihyun, I.M, Wonho, and Minhyuk.

So, MONBEBEs suggest that perhaps Windows has the solution to the problem. Last year, Windows’ net worth was 141.988 billion USD. So, certainly, Windows could somehow afford to pay out Starship Entertainment to reinstate Wonho for MONSTA X!

It’s certainly giving us hope. You can read more about Microsoft Windows’ K-Pop fandom journey below:

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Source: Twitter

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