Old Middle School Photos Of IZ*ONE’s Minju Surfaces In Online Communities

The pictures say it all.

IZ*ONE‘s Minju was born in 2001, meaning she’s only 19 years old this year.

The young idol is not only popular for her talent as a performer, but no one can deny that she possesses unmatched natural beauty.

So when her old middle school photos just resurfaced in online communities, netizens went flocking.

In the past photos, Minju can be seen looking younger and makeup-free.

But what fans can’t get over is the fact that besides the different clothes and makeup, she hasn’t changed whatsoever.

The photos go on to prove that Minju is all-natural.

Not that anyone assumed otherwise to begin with.

Some of the comments to the photos include “She was perfection ever since she was born“, “She actually looks exactly the same“, and “She gave off the middle school vibe back then“.

Her visuals are seriously unreal.

Source: Dispatch