Military Manpower Administration Commissioner Defends BTS In Their Recent Controversy With China

Commissioner Mo Jong Hwa took BTS’s side in the controversy.

BTS recently faced controversy for an acceptance speech that mentioned Korea’s alliance with the US, which reportedly offended many Chinese netizens as it is a sensitive issue of which China stands on the opposite side.

And shortly following the controversy, the military manpower administration commissioner, Mo Jong Hwa spoke up to defend BTS on the matter.

The commissioner stated,

The fact that BTS mentioned Korea’s alliance with the US is an encouraging thing. Chinese netizens should be ashamed to talk about this issue. I think they are 100% wrong when they claim that BTS should’ve recognized the harm the allies of North Korea suffered as well.

— Mo Jong Hwa

Just last week, BTS received the Van Fleet Award, and in the acceptance speech, RM mentioned the 70th anniversary of the Korean War and the importance of remembering the sacrifices that were made.

But in response, Chinese netizens showed outrage, claiming that the sacrifices that China made in support of North Korea were overlooked.

Source: Naver News


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