Military Manpower Administration Updates About Seungri’s Upcoming Military Enlistment

As of now, he’s scheduled to enlist by June 25.

As Seungri‘s prosecution case continues to grow with new foundings in his scandal, questions about his impending military enlistment continue to rise. He was originally scheduled to enlist on March 25 but ultimately postponed the date as his scandal regarding prostitution, embezzlement, illegal drugs and more continued to grow. His military date has been postponed to June 25.


As the arrest warrant for Seungri was recently denied, the Military Manpower Administration once again clarified what lies ahead for Seungri’s enlistment. They explained that although his enlistment date has been postponed, he will be able to request another postponement if he requires it.

Seungri is not required to enlist by June 25. His enlistment has been postponed until June 25 as of now, but once that date passes, the Military Manpower Administration will send him a new notice for his enlistment date.

As it is the individual’s responsibility to apply for an enlistment postponement, Seungri needs to decide whether he wants to postpone again after receiving the new notice.

— Military Manpower Administration


They also emphasized that the enlistment date has no relation to his prosecution case. The only reason why his enlistment would be affected by his scandal would be if he was arrested and the law intervenes with his enlistment duties.

We cannot reveal whether Seungri’s prosecution has any relation to his enlistment. There is no relation unless he is arrested and cannot enlist due to the law.

— Military Manpower Administration


Meanwhile, Seungri was spotted working out at the gym after he was dismissed due to his arrest warrant being denied.

Source: Osen

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