Former 2NE1’s Minzy Picks BTS’s Jimin And Chungha As Stand Out Stars

Even one of the queens of second generation K-pop has acknowledged these two.

For those of you that may not have been around when 2NE1 was dominating the K-pop music scene, Minzy was highly lauded for her dance skills and charisma at a young age. She was just 15 at that point of time.

12 years into her career, Minzy is still a mere 26 years old as she forges out a solo path for herself, coming back this time with “Lovely”. Coming back with a sweeter, more upbeat concept, she made the effort to change it up from her 2NE1 days.

During an interview with BNT Magazine, Minzy shared that it felt weird, being in this field for so long. During her recent promotions, she was the only one from her generation in the music stations, and she shared that it felt odd. Many of the juniors also displayed the utmost politeness, greeting her formally even if they were similar in age.

Unsurprisingly, Minzy also declared BTS‘s Jimin, as the male junior idol that stands out to her the most. Praising his dance lines and skills, she singled him out as one of the best in her eyes. Minzy also pointed out Chungha, for her ability to command the stage despite being a solo singer, as well as her dancing and expressions.

She also shared a heartwarming anecdote about her favourite song on the tracklist – “Superwoman”. A Brazilian fan had told her that she was playing the song everyday to her sick mother, in hopes that it will help her get better, touching Minzy deeply.

Minzy revealed that she has been into Netflix lately, especially shows about other singers’ lives, such as Taylor Swift : Miss Americana and Lady Gaga :155cm.

Another fun fact she shared was that it turns out, she’s related to megastar actor, Gong Yoo! Being a fan of him, she had met him once at the gym and they shared a few words. They both have the same last name, and upon closer checking, they realized they were really distant relatives!

As Minzy makes her much-anticipated comeback with “Lovely”, don’t forget to show her as much support as back in her 2NE1 days! Catch her latest music video here.

Source: Sports Donga