Minzy’s solo debut expected in April

After months of hints and teasers about Minzy‘s solo debut album, details about its release date have been leaked.

Numerous entertainment officials are reporting that Minzy will release her solo debut at the end of April. Her solo debut will consist of a mini-album and she will be actively promoting it. Final preparations for her album are in full swing, and it has already been revealed that one of the songs will feature Jay Park.

When asked about Minzy’s solo debut, one entertainment official stated,

“Minzy has been preparing her solo album for a long time, since last year. She plans to release her solo album at the end of April and the album itself, including the title song, are all in final stages of completion.”

Entertainment Official

Minzy’s agency Music Works has now released a statement, saying,

“Gong Minzy is currently preparing for her solo album which we plan to release at the end of April. It is currently planned to be a mini-album but the title track has not been decided yet.”

Music Works

Last May, Minzy transferred to Music Works and since then has been steadily preparing her solo debut album. Fans are anticipating this upcoming album as it is her first solo album after leaving 2NE1. Minzy is also currently starring in Unnies Slam Dunk Season 2 and is gaining attention for her impressive dance skills and charm.

Source: News1 and Ilgan Sports