This German Model Was Just Crowned Miss International… But Her Hot Korean Boyfriend Is Also Going Viral

What a stunning couple!

Recently, Jasmin Selberg of Germany was crowned Miss International 2022. Congratulations!

Jasmin Selberg is crowned Miss International 2022 | @jasminselberg/Instagram

The exciting feat is a milestone that very few experience in their lifetime. As news spread of her win, an unexpected person also quickly gained attention in Korea.

| @jasminselberg/Instagram

Her handsome Korean boyfriend Park Young Min quickly went viral for his top-tier visuals! From his tall height to his handsome face, netizens are swooning over his good looks.

| Missology/Facebook

Netizens left a slew of comments praising the gorgeous couple for their celebrity-worthy good looks.

  • “He looks like Lee Jae Yong. What a handsome man. Wishing this handsome and beautiful couple a life full of happiness…”
  • “They both are top tier visuals ^^”
  • “The man’s beauty stands up to hers”
  • “He must’ve saved his country from war three times in his past life…””
  • “He really is handsome… he could be a celebrity. He has such a wealthy, intelligent look to him.
| Missology/Facebook

The beautiful couple is definitely relationship goals!

| Missology/Facebook
Source: Naver
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