Miyawaki Sakura Updates Instagram Following News Of Joining Source Music

She will debut in a new girl group soon.

Recently, Miyawaki Sakura, a former member of IZ*ONEjoined Source Music, a subsidiary under HYBE. She will be debuting in the first girl group launch of HYBE and Source Music. Sakura also posted a message on Instagram regarding the news.

She first greeted everyone for the first time in a while, confirming the announcement that she has joined hands with Source Music. She thanked everyone who remained supportive during her hiatus and hoped for their continued support for the new step in her career.

It’s been awhile everyone! It’s Miyawaki Sakura! I’m writing this post because there is news that I want to deliver directly to my fans who have always given me lots of love. This time, I have transferred to Source Music, which is under HYBE Labels. I haven’t been active on social media since last summer, so I’m sure you are curious about what’s been going on with me.

I apologize for keeping you waiting and thanks so much for waiting for me. I’m always looking at the love and support my fans give me. I was also lonely during the time I couldn’t meet all of you, but I gained strength through the support you all gave me. But above all, I have been waiting for the day that I could tell you the news directly.

The weather is getting warmer these days and the seasons are changing from winter to spring. It is said that the cherry blossom bud blooms when they feel the warmth of spring while overcoming the severe cold of winter. It can only bloom when it experiences the cold of winter.

I think this period was such a time for me as well. I was able to achieve a lot this winter, in order to become a cherry blossom in full bloom this spring. I am always preparing hard every day in a good environment thanks to the warm and friendly staff that I have met. I hope to see you soon and I am working hard to show a better side of me. I ask for your interest and support in future activities!

— Sakura

Congratulations to Sakura and Source Music’s latest partnership! Stay tuned for more updates regarding her upcoming debut with Source/HYBE’s new girl group.