Mnet’s “Boys Planet” Faces Criticism After “Whitewashing” The Contestants In Recent Content

“They took White Day too seriously…”

Mnet recently started airing their new reality show, Boys Planet. Trainees from across the world are battling for a chance to debut in a new group. Yet, it seems like Mnet continues to come under fire from netizens due to their treatment of the contestants.

“Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

Since the show started, the contestants have been doing their best to showcase their best sides to viewers, whether it’s their talent, visuals, or charisma.

The first performance of all the contestants | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube   

Yet, while the contestants have been showing their visuals and charm, the recent content has netizens criticizing Mnet for their “whitewashing” of those competing.

March 14 was “White Day” in Korea, and a month after Valentine’s Day, people who received gifts on that day will return the favor by giving something to the one they love. Like many idols and groups, Mnet released a video of the contestants celebrating the special day.

In the video, each of the contestants shared their own messages to fans, and of course, they had candy. With their names underneath, it was seemingly the perfect way to get to know them more and showcase their hidden charms.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube 

Yet, although netizens couldn’t get over the contestants’ charms and visuals when the video was posted, international fans couldn’t get over their makeup. One TikTok that is gaining attention was a video talking about the “whitewashing” of the contestants.

In the video, they posted snippets of the video explaining that rather than “White Day,” it was promoting “White Face.”


The netizens who found the video couldn’t help but agree with the OP, sharing their anger that all the contestants were seemingly given the same makeup shade. While it not only took away from the contestants’ identity, many believed it made them look ill.

It isn’t the first time Mnet has come under fire for the way they present the members. During one episode, they faced backlash after using cultural appropriation as a “joke.”

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They have also been criticized for “evil-editing” the contestants throughout.

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The issues surrounding the whitewashing of idols have been an ongoing battle for international netizens. Whether through the use of makeup or photo editing, it has long been an issue in the K-Pop industry. Sadly doesn’t seem to be changing all too quickly.

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